Do You Choose Wrong Major?

When high school life is over, the majority of teenagers is excited to being a new chapter of their lives—the university lives. However, getting into university is not as easy as getting into high school as there are 2 possibilities: choosing a wrong major and choosing a right one. Choosing a wrong major is time-consuming and money-wasting because you don’t spend your time and money focusing on your potentials but your weaknesses.  To help you, here are the 5 red-flags:

You choose your major because of peer pressure and family pressure. Growing up, you want to fit in and want to make your parents proud. Therefore, this little things hold us back from choosing your dream major. For example, if you are passionate about astrophysics and your father is a businessman, you might feel ashamed to actually like astrophysics in the first place, and likely to choose business majors to fulfill your father’s expectation.

You choose your major because you think it is cool and popular, and because you can. Some people do not know what they like, yet they choose their majors because they look respectable. For example, I know a few of my friends who major in international relations; but when asked, they said, “It is cool to work in an embassy.” Similarly, one of my friends had been complaining about studying accounting, and when I asked him, he said, “Everyone is doing it, so it must be beneficial. Also, it is the only major that I can study when I take double majors.”

You think your major is boring. When you wake up every morning to go to school, you are not excited that you will learn something new, but you are thinking what you are going to do in order not to sleep in the class. From time to time, you look out of the window asking yourself when you can leave this boring class. Thus, you want to graduate as soon as possible so that you don’t have to study anymore, let alone pursuing master’s degree.

You study because you want to pass your tests. The only thing motivating you to touch your books is the fear of failing your tests. When the tests are coming, you spend your all your time studying at home and in a library as if there is no tomorrow. After finishing your tests, you disappear from the library and your books will never be opened again. Chances are you might even forget what you have studied even if you pass your tests with good score.

You don’t like your job. When you get internship or a job, you realize that it is different from what you have expected. Although it looks cool and is high-paid, you do not like your job. This means you think of your job as an obligation rather than a passion. Thus, you might think of quitting your job once you have enough money. This shows that you waste your time studying a major for a contemporary job, which lasts about 5 to 10 years.

Remember that Steve Jobs once said “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” This also applies to your college major. Are you still not sure what you love and still considering to take a gap year? Click here to read.


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