How to self-study?

Self-studying is very important for you to get through universities. It is because being in universities is like being alone in a wood with merely a compass in your possession. Metaphorically, self-study is like learning how to a compass, and a compass is your teacher who always guides your way. However, self-studying can be for leisure to explore new related fields or your interest. To help you study by yourself, here are the 5 tips:

Get interested, and get to know yourself. I cannot stress this enough: being interested in what you are going to learn is very important. This is what motivates you to learn besides the exams.If your answer is no, then you might choose wrong major (click here) After getting interested, you should know yourself: your study environment, your study time, and your resources (What you can access: library, internet…). I personally like Spanish, but there is no school teaching Spanish. Thus, I self-study online via apps, videos, and books.

Watch educational videos online. Watching informative videos help you a lot in understanding the lessons you’re studying because they explain the lessons the way your teachers do. So, take this opportunity to learn from it. Personally, I prefer Youtube because I like to watch lectures from Stanford in my field, bioengineering. If you don’t like Youtube, there are a few sites that can help you such as Coursera, Khan Academy, and so on.

Read books. Go to library and borrow some books regarding the topic you want to learn. It helps a lot because reading other books besides the textbooks helps you to understand some points you haven’t understood before as they may illustrate different points from your studying textbooks. However, you should not get distracted from reviewing what is in your textbooks.

Take online courses. Often, people, usually our parents, think studying means to go out to traditional schools. As technology constantly advances, online courses are popular because you are able to study at your own house. Taking online courses is like taking private tutoring. It has 2 forms: watching lecturing videos with quizzes at the end (usually free); and attending the lectures live through Skype or Google Hangout (costs money). Personally, I recommend Edx for free online courses as it has both website and app, and it tracks your progress, your attendance, and so on.

Join a reading club/studying community. The club is usually designed you to read books on a specific theme, and after finished reading, you share your ideas learnt from the books to your group and vice versa. Similarly, in studying community, you give and you get. This means you gives away your knowledge by teaching what you have learnt to your group, and in return, they help you with something you don’t know. So, I urge you create your own club or community or just join the existing clubs in your school.

It might be hard to follow these tips at first, but you will eventually get used to it. Once you get used to following these simple tips, let’s watch your college life change before your eyes.