Sweet Jane

Jane Marryland had always been the most handsome teenager, for she held the stars in her green-emerald eyes and the sun in her smile complementing her golden-ivory complexion and her auburn hair. To possess such beauty was merely an ornament to her sublime life. Her life fell into places, the way every pieces of jigsaw fitted in each other. Its being too good to be true—beauty, fame, and love—was one reason that every girls in her high-school wanted the 18-year-old’s life.  They would kill her for it had they been given such chance. However, little did they know an unforeseen future.


Her phone commenced ringing endlessly; her messages app was spammed, so was her Facebook. She was ignoring the world. In a cold lonely room sat she reading strangers’ atrocious comments on pictures of hers. Bearing her malice, the strangers’ vile words such as “slut” or “whore” appeared countlessly on the screen. The pictures themselves were not posted by her, yet her ex-boyfriend. Tattooing on her laptop screen was her exposed self. It was revenge porn, and she was a victim. Such abhorrent crime, by its nature, provoked cataclysmically-obtruded emotions inside her. Soon, her sense became acute as she could feel her heart beating fast with a pang of misery and despair. Ruby droplets appeared on her bosom staining the sharp-edged metal, and the world darkened. Flashing before her eyes was merely oblivion. Exhaustedly, her green-emeralds were closed, and, like her breath, her life slowly ceased.