Why Can’t People Appreciate Love?

Love is a wonderful thing one has ever experienced, and it is also the thing that requires one to have greed. This is because the majority of people in love focuses on something they don’t have rather than something they do have. It is a sad thing because love is something one should appreciate, not something one takes for granted.

I remember a quote of Victor Hugo saying “What is Love? I have met in the streets a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat worn, the water passed through his shoes and the stars through his soul.” I believe that just by the touch of love, you should not ask for more. The feeling itself is a gift, so treasure it because there are couples who have never felt the same feeling you do. Of course, they have each other, but they would and will never experience the very same stars through their souls. This is because, most of the time, people confuse love with someone who’s best for them, but that’s not true. If the feeling of love doesn’t make you appreciative, then I don’t know what does.

Love should never be about being a part of someone’s life. Although you have a little hope that there’s a chance they know your existence, you should never lose track from reality. As I said, the feeling of love itself is a gift. Appreciate it, for this feeling makes you smile like an idiot just by seeing their pictures, and it’s the very same reason that makes your life worth living. The very same reason that makes your life worth living is ample to appreciate what you have. Even though you’re not a part of their lives, it doesn’t mean you have a good reason to be sad.

Love should never be about what you have lost. There are times that breakup happens, and you focus on what you have lost rather than what makes you lucky. It’s okay to cry; but once you’re done, pick yourself back up and be happy because you are lucky than you think. You might miss being by their side, but, at least, you’re lucky enough to have experienced it. There are people who have longing for the touch of their soft skin, the warmth of their body, the sensation of their beautiful red lips, and the secured feeling of their love; however, still, those things are out of reach for those people. If this doesn’t make you lucky, nothing does.

Love should never be about possession. Too often, you want to have someone because being friends is not enough. However, one thing you don’t know is being friends is more than enough. Sometimes, have you ever realized being friends is the safest choice? Having someone doesn’t guarantee forever, but being friends does. Unless you are on a verge of never seeing someone again, you don’t appreciate with just being friends. Unless you cry every night due to the fear of losing them despite you have them, you don’t appreciate with just friends. Loving someone shouldn’t be this way. When you love someone, all you ever ask for is the best for them, even though you’re not a part of the best. You should not ever obligated to make them happy, but you should step back and watch them happy without you. When you’re happy doing all of the things mentioned, that’s when you actually love someone.

In order to truly love someone, you need to let go of greed. Instead of looking at what you don’t have or should have, try to look for every little things about love that make your life worthwhile and appreciate them. That way, you will make the best out of the most beautiful thing on earth called love.