Is It Wrong to Secure My Future in Term of Degree?

“I must get a degree to secure my future.”

In Cambodia, there is an old concept—the concept that you are born to go to the university. Due to this, Khmer people tend to seek security in term of a degree. Everyone is getting a degree. To them, there is an equilibrium that degree equals to a promising future. Therefore, the more, the better. These same paradigms also inspire the students to pursue 2 majors at the same time because 2 degrees make them more flexible. These ways of thinking encourage young potential students to pursue the major that doesn’t suit them but sounds promising to their future careers. But is it worth it?


“Yes, it is because everyone is doing it even if not need it.” This is not a good reason to get a degree. Just because you can and everyone is doing it, it doesn’t mean you should. You get a degree because you want it, be you inspired enough to create or curious enough to learn. Degree is an open door to your higher education, graduate or post-graduate. So, it is for people who loves knowledge. It is for people who want to invest in their future in term of qualified education. It is for people who want to make a change. However, it is never for people who do it due to the social norm.


“Yes, it is because two is better than one.” This thought needs to change. This very thought doesn‎’t make you the best, but good. Remember the time when all of the lecturers were way more knowledgeable than their students. This is because they chose quality over quantity. Knowledge is constantly evolving, so schools usually teach you outdated stuffs. To keep in track, you have to spend more time at the libraries and on the internet to learn something new and up-to-date. However, studying 2 schools will only exhaust you and thus no further research in your field. This tight schedule changes you into an average person who studies just to pass but not to perfect themselves. If you’re interested in something else, instead of taking another major in it, try read books or watch video to expand your knowledge on the topic. It’s a fun and stress-free way to explore your curiosity because you have to take the test and do the assignments. So, remember that “It’s better to have fewer things of quality than too much expandable junk.”


“Yes, it is because it helps me find jobs.” To a certain extent, it is true. However, degree only shows strangers that you are good enough just like thousands of people who have the same degree as yours. Yet, it doesn’t guarantee a handsomely-paid career. Why? It’s because your degree doesn’t have credibility. In professional world, people look for than just a degree.  Everyone has a degree, but not everyone has credibility. This is one of the reasons why people work in a different field than what they have studied in college. So, you should learn how to build your own credibility when in college. How? Get to know lots of people and build network with them. Then do something you love consistently until people remember you for it. This is one way to prove you can be trusted. For example, I have a friend that writes good reviews, so whenever I hear the word “review,” I always think of him. Guess what? He hasn’t finished his high school yet, but he gets paid to write reviews. This is the kind of quality you want. BUT, don’t lose track of your study, so keep it in balance.

Remember that it’s your choice to do whatever you think is right, and these ideas mentioned below are just the things to make you stop and reconsider your decision. If you think you choose the right things, go for it and make the best—not modestly good—out of it.