The Beauty Called Knife

It is sad people don’t find beauty in simple thing. This is why people always take things for granted. Something as simple as knife has its own beauty, but people choose to ignore it. I am always fascinated about knife. To me, it’s the most beauteous things I’ve ever known.

With care, it is created. Thus, its skin is smooth. Just the touch of it caressing your body, you can feel that it’s smoother than yours. With grace, its physique is created to be slender. Such beauty cannot be seen on human, for they will never as slender as the wonderful thing called knife. However, beauty comes with danger. Therefore, with purpose, its handle has been design. Yet, it’s a pretext one uses to deceive people. Such envy and hatred toward its beauty beget illusion used to beguile people with false fact. The truth is handle is created as an ornament to complement the allurement of the knife. With handle, people can appreciate the charm of a knife by holding it close to them, which connects the pleasantly indescribable feeling toward both parties. When under the direct sunlight, it shows off its magic with the reflection of the disguised diamond. It is more stunning than diamond, but people choose not to acknowledge it.

Unlike people, it has extraordinary magic. It can take you into the different dimension you never undergo before. Within a minute, you are taken into the stage of oblivion—the nothingness but darkness. Isn’t it magical for people who are exhausted from making it through the crazy thing called life? With its magic, it can take every single thing away from you, be the things bad or good. It can loot your materialistic items. It can steal your loved ones. It can purloin your precious time. It can thieve your hopeful dream. It can get rid of your mental breakdown. It can do away with depression. It can banish your poor soul. People always send their prayers to possess such magic, but they are not aware of this magical thing they possess. It is sad, indeed, for such a potential thing is underappreciated.

I hold the magic in my hand. Never in my life have I felt so powerful—so powerful to change my own fate. Feeling the elegant of the handle, there is a sense of happiness overwhelming inside me. I’ve never felt such connection when analyzing its beautiful smooth skin and its slender physique. It knows me more than anyone ever does. It supports me for who I am. It never disagrees with whatever choice I make. It is my true friend who always stands by my side. It is my savior who takes away my pain. It is my guidance toward the afterlife. And it is my only hope that gives me peace.