Art and Prejudice

Art is subjective, for, as claimed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What looks beautiful to someone doesn’t always look the same to another person. There is no right definition to art, but, from my perspective, art is the expression through human’s creative imagination that provides pleasure and satisfaction to the humanity. Due to this, everything around us is art. Even we can be arts. The expression of tattoos on our bodies can be really artistic and inspiring, but at the same time, it can be confronted with the prejudices of people.

In some countries such as Cambodia, the majority of people has prejudices against the art of tattoos as they think tattoos as something not good. Too often, people with tattoos are being judged as gangsters or sluts. Though tattoo has a very long history back in ancient time, people in present society are brought up to have prejudices against tattoo or people with tattoos. However, tattoo is a uniquely amazing form of art the past has to offer.

Some tattoos are more than just tattoos. Not everyone gets a tattoo just because it looks good on them. Sometimes, it is because the tattoo means something to them. Some people get a tattoo for a memorial. Some, to express their passion and dream that people think unrealistic. Some, to remind themselves that they are worth living. This is why tattooed people appreciate deeper meaning and tend to look pass the cover of a book, which some non-tattooed people never will.

Not everyone with tattoos is gangsters. In reality, tattoos are for everyone who loves to use their body to express themselves in form of arts. Usually, they think of their bodies as a blank sheet of paper, and the flamboyant arts are to fill the blank space. There are doctors with tattoos. There are businessmen with tattoos. There are blood donors with tattoos. So, tattoos do not determine one’s career, and why should tattoos be linked with being gangsters?

Tattooed people are one of the amazing people. They are strong with all the criticism against them. They know themselves with the tattoos meaning so much to them. They are committed with the tattoos stuck with them for the rest of their lives. They are open minded because they know how it feels to be discriminated. Importantly, they are their rebellious selves because they ignore all the social norms.

Still, tattoo is a one vibrant form of art. Regardless of where it is located, tattoo should not be discriminated but appreciated with satisfaction. Not until people start to open their minds to art do they start to see the beauty and meaning behind the ink under someone’s skin.