Friendship and the Barrier of Numbers

Distance is just a number, people say. However, when the number increases between you and your best friend, it can be a problem. It is because we get used to being so close to each other that the thought of being far away from each other is hard to bear. Maybe, this is the time your friendship has been put to the test. Whatever hard it is, do not let the friendship drift apart using the tips below.

Make use of technology. There are many apps—such as Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Kik, Snapchat, and many more—you can use to stay in touch with your friend. You should know your preference by asking yourself if you like to video call, voice call, or just texting. Not until you know your own preference are you able to find a suitable app.

Show simple little gestures. The gestures can be saying happy birthday to your friend, or it can be wishing him/her a happy holiday. Tagging your friend in funny posts can reduce the numbers mentally, sometimes. Maybe, sharing your moment whether you’re in school or at work with him/her live ignites the warmth feeling of closeness between you two. However you do, simple gestures play an important roles.

Share the deep connection. There are times when you both are busy and haven’t kept in touch. So, this is the chance to share a deep connection with your friends. Of course, the deep connect refers to something about your private life or the hardship you are facing. Sometimes, a person miles away from you might be the perfect person in whom you can confide.

Don’t let the awkwardness be the barrier. Too often, when you haven’t kept in touch with your friend for so long, awkwardness happens. You might not know what to say or you simply don’t feel comfortable talking to your friend anymore. Don’t force it because this might take time, but try to joke and think of topics to talk. Also, try to find the old feeling by talking about the memories. Hopefully, it will break the barrier and amend the friendship of yours after the silence.

Long distance friendship is hard, but once you survive this, you know this is a true friendship. Thought it is a true friendship, be sure to make effort to spark up your friendship and show people that distance is just a number.