Love and the Question of Number

Whether you are aware of it or not, love will find its way to you. Sometimes, it is the love that remains from the igniting flames of the previous sparking relationship; and it, sometimes, is a blaze flaring up as one magical person enters your life without your knowledge. Sometimes, maybe, both hypothetical situations can happen spontaneously leaving you feel like you’re cheating on both people.  Thus, there are times when it is the question of number: how many people you get attached to?


Having feelings on more than one person doesn’t imply that you are cheating, for one cannot subside the magical feeling and control who he should fall in love with. Therefore, should you feel like cheating on your ex because you have a feeling on someone but you still have not moved on over your ex, you should be asking yourself what are the relationships between you and other two. By relationships here, it is indicating the real relationships, not the ideal relationships inside your head.  Chances are you might say it is complicated because you think you are in relationship with them mentally while, in reality, you are not. Hence, if you should leave all those mental relationships inside your head, you will have an answer to the question; and unless you are in relationship with someone, it is not cheating.


Only after you can identify the relationships between you and them do you know which one to choose. There are 2 choices in this circumstance—choosing your ex and choosing the new person. Rebounding with your ex might be the ideal choice because you both have memories together and know each other very well, but you have to make sure it is the person you love, but not the memory you miss. Remember that you both have become exes for a reason, and make sure you will not repeat the same mistake. Other the other hand, choosing a new person would be interesting since you both have times to explore and discover yourselves as a couple. Yet, you have to be sure it is the love, not infatuation; and you have to make sure that you get in relationship because of that person, not your way to move on over your past relationship.


Surprisingly, there is a third choice—to stay single. If you feel like you are not ready for a relationship, you do not have to rush to get into a relationship as if it were an obligation. This way, you will not get into an unhealthy relationship, which is mentally-tiring and time consuming. Also, you can take times to ask yourself if you are really ready to commit to that person and take it to the next level. However, you should note that the reason you choose to be single is because you are not ready for relationship, not because you are shy to confess or underestimate yourself with your low-esteem reasons.

Overall, life is a wonder; and once in awhile, it leaves you the magical feelings on more than one person. Consequently, it might leave you with dilemma, but when you choose the right choice without any regret, your life will be filled with endless wonders.