To Those Who Have a Hard Time Moving On from an Unhealthy Relationship

Being in love must be a wonderful thing, but sometimes, you can fall in love with the wrong person, which leads to an unhealthy relationship. However, still, it seems like you cannot leave the relationship because it is like a drug. Even though you know it is unhealthy, you still long for it as it is the only cure for your sadness. Before letting such relationship devour you, there is something you should know.


Being in an unhealthy relationship doesn’t make everything better, but worse. The relationship is called unhealthy for a reason. It doesn’t bring out the best in you—but the worst in you. If you trust your partner, it teaches you how doubt. If you doubt, it teaches you how to overthink. If you overthink, it teaches you how to get paranoid. If you have a history of being possessive or overthink, the relationship will only make things worse. No matter how much you think it will get better, it won’t. There is no use trying to fix an unhealthy relationship. Although you are the victim, you are perceived as the relationship’s troublemaker.  It will only slowly manipulate you if you choose you to stay.


It is never a good idea to beg someone to be a part of your life. There might be a time when you come back begging the person to stay after breaking up because you let your feeling get over your head. Yet, whether you like it or not, the relationship will not last. Even if you can successfully keep that person, it is just a short-term illusion as the overthinking and paranoid will come to haunt you again. So, it is not worth holding on.


After the breakup, you will survive whether you believe it or not. At the first week of the breakup, it is normal to feel like dying because your dopamine, chemical signal in your brain responsible for pleasure, will drop dramatically. However, as time goes by, you will learn how to adapt living alone; and, slowly, you will eventually get your life together again. That is the time when you look back grateful that you let go of the unhealthy relationship leaving all the tears, paranoia, and false hope in the past.


Once you are stable, everything will be vice versa. Often, the person think you cannot live without them; so, the moment you get over them, chances are they will come back begging you to rebound. However, if you give them a chance, they might be nice to you in the beginning but, slowly manipulate you because they seek pleasure in controlling over you and your feeling. So, it is better not to get yourself involved in the game just like the old time.

Always should you are the owner of your own happiness. Maybe, you think that one person holds to the key to your happiness, but it is because you give the key to them. So, you take back your key, make duplicates, and start giving them to your friends and family, instead. Maybe, just a small step out of an unhealthy relationship is the first step to experiencing genuine happiness.